How to Send Large Videos From Wherever You Are

You just captured the perfect moment on camera. You want to send the video to your best friend so that they can share the moment with you. You pop it into a text message or an email and eagerly push send…. But it won’t go! You see an error. THIS FILE IS TOO LARGE. Now, what do you do? 

Anyone who has ever tried to send a video to someone, without sharing it publicly across social media, will recognize this scenario. Most email and SMS providers simply aren’t equipped to send large videos across their networks, which leads to a frustration shared by many.

Email attachment is too large

How to send large videos through mail

So what do you do, knowing that you won’t be able to send this video the way you had intended? Well, there are a few alternatives: 

  1. You could shrink the size of the file, by rendering the video in a lower quality
  2. You could make the video shorter with some quick editing
  3. You could cut the video into several parts, and send them separately
Frankly though, these options just won’t cut it for most people. They are either time consuming or diminish the overall quality of the video you want to share! Luckily, there is still one more option on the table: video email. 

If you haven’t heard of video email, you are in for a treat. A new and emerging trend in the video marketing world, video emailing is a fantastic way to send large videos from wherever you are. Similar to a standard emailing platform, most video emailing systems allow you to send and receive emails from across the globe. The benefit of using a video emailing platform is that it allows you to include videos of any size with your messages. 

How to Mail a Large Video File?

Cheers Connect, an upcoming leader in the video emailing industry, allows you to record and send videos easily. The application allows you to record videos in the mini-studio, or upload a video straight from your device. Once you are happy with a video, simply insert your video directly into your email message and click send! Video emailing is a great way to share and send videos, and Cheers Connect makes it easy. 

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